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Citrix changed XenDesktop 4.0 licensing

By Edwin

The last two weeks Citrix payed attention to their customers. Everyone seems to had some critical notes regarding the new licensing model for XenDesktop 4.0. After all this commotion Citrix decided to change their license model for XenDesktop 4.0 and I think this decision is a really good thing. Citrix decided to make an... »

XenDesktop 4 licensing whats the commotion all about?

By Edwin

Everywhere in the blogosphere you read articles about the license change Citrix wants to make. With XenDesktop 4 Citrix wants to go from a CCU licensing model to a named user model. The user-based licensing in XenDesktop 4 means that customers pick the users they want to deliver virtual desktops or apps to. In... »

Xendesktop preview !

By Edwin

Just view the movies presented by Citrix to get a preview of XenDesktop! Tweet This Post »

XenDesktop 4, a virtual desktop solution!

By Edwin

Citrix Systems has launched XenDesktop 4, a virtual desktop solution that the company claims can be managed centrally to deliver different types of desktops to users depending on job function and business device. Virtual desktops are being used by task workers, remote workers, offshore workers and knowledge workers, with even more organisations about to... »