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Bug XenApp 6.5 ?

By Edwin

When you start an application for the first time in a published desktop on XenApp 6.5 it displays an random icon in the taskbar. Today I noticed it when we where testing some functionality. I guess this is a minor bug but it happens to all the users when they logon for the first time. It’s just... »

First DUCUG meeting!

By Edwin

Last year I made a start with setting up the Dutch Citrix User Group. Due to switching job, lak of time, a back injurie the startup of DUCUG delayed. Now I want to go on strong and want to organize the first DUCUG meeting in the Netherlands. I want to organize this meeting somewhere... »

New blogger in town

By Edwin

Last week my collegue Peter Stam decided to start blogging about daily issues he wil face in his line of work. You can follow Peter on his blog called http://www.hyper-p.com Tweet This Post »

Access Gateway Virtual Appliance now for download @ Citrix

By Edwin

 Using XenApp to provide remote access to your applications its likely you’ll be using the free software-based Secure Gateway feature. Lot’s of companies don’t want to spent lots of money to a Netscaler with CAGEE 9.x on it because it’s an enterprise solution and to expensive for the smaller companies.  Citrix suggest that this... »

XenApp 5.x for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 tech preview

By Edwin

Somewhere in Q4, Citrix will release a tech preview  of XenApp for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. In this preview they will showcase the complete application virtualization technology suite. For more information on signing up go to the Citrix’s Pre-Registration Page Tweet This Post »

XenDesktop 4, a virtual desktop solution!

By Edwin

Citrix Systems has launched XenDesktop 4, a virtual desktop solution that the company claims can be managed centrally to deliver different types of desktops to users depending on job function and business device. Virtual desktops are being used by task workers, remote workers, offshore workers and knowledge workers, with even more organisations about to... »

Citrix Enhances Market Leading HDX Technology…NEW HDX 3D!

By Edwin

Today Citrix announced a new breakthrough addition to its market leading HDX Technology, ensuring a high-definition virtual desktop experience even for the most demanding high-end professional graphics environments. The new HDX 3D technology, available as a feature of Citrix XenDesktop, delivers a rich, high-definition desktop experience applications to users in any location, over any... »

Briforum day 2: System overload !!! :)

By Edwin

I told myself that the my intention was to blog out every session I would follow this week. But after 10  sessions some beers and 1 keynote I can only say I got a system crash in my head. So I try to keep it short. Day 2 on Briforum was a great day... »

Netscaler issues!

By Edwin

      The last 2 months I already posted some Netscaler posts regarding some security issues within Netscaler after you upgrade from build 8.0 to 9.x. Together with our supplier we reported these issues to Citrix and to secure@citrix. Check the following posts http://digipulse.nl/2009/04/21/security-issue-discovered-in-netscaler-7000/ http://digipulse.nl/2009/06/05/watch-out-when-upgrading-netscaler-pre-81-to-9x/ Today I upgraded a Netscaler to NS9.0 : build 69.5  and checked if something was changed. But... »

Citrix Brief Troubleshoot Guide updated

By Edwin

David McGeough announced the new BTG today. The Brief Troubleshooting Guide is intended as the first resource for Citrix Administrators/Engineers to troubleshooting technical issues for all Citrix products/technologies. This release of the BTG is Bigger, Better and Bursting with new ways to help you troubleshoot all Citrix products. All sections of the BTG were... »