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Program Neighborhood R.I.P.

By Edwin

29/9 Citrix released the Citrix Online Plug-in 11.2. The Citrix XenApp online pluging does no longer support custom  ica connections but only connections made to a PNagent website. Citrix already announced more tha a year ago that they would get rid of the exisitng Program Neighborhood. But still lots of companys are using the PN... »

Troubleshooting CAG and AAC

By Edwin

Today I had a problem with a CAG and AAC that was not accepting any incomming ICA connections. The error I got was;  “SSL Error 29: proxy denied access to port 1494 STA… from Web Resource in an Advanced Access Control Farm” The problem is created by STA identifiers wich FQDN can not be resolved by the CAG. Error in the CAG... »