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Customize Adobe Reader X to work on XenApp 5 and 6 x86 and x64

By Edwin

  If you install  Adobe Reader X on XenApp without making the necessary modification you will end up with error messages looking like this If you goanna search on Google you will find this Adobe article that makes the statement that Adobe Reader X is not supported on Citrix in Protected Mode http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/860/cpsid_86063.html But... »

XenApp 5.x for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 tech preview

By Edwin

Somewhere in Q4, Citrix will release a tech preview  of XenApp for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. In this preview they will showcase the complete application virtualization technology suite. For more information on signing up go to the Citrix’s Pre-Registration Page Tweet This Post »

XenApp 5.0 FP2 released for download

By Edwin

Today Citrix released XenApp 5.0 FP2 for Microsoft Windows 2003 & 2008 Server. I just give you a quick view from whats changed. The feature pack for Windows 2003 Server is more then 3Gb so lots has changed. Check it out for yourself.   New options for Application Virtualization VM hosted apps Windows 7 and... »

Briforum Day 3; The finals

By Edwin

  Last week Thursday was the final day of Briforum 2009. On this day I followed another 4 sessions. After that we stayed until Friday in Chicago and went home. Satisfied with my head full of information and after a great Briforum 2009. To all the presenters I want to say: “ Guys it... »

XenApp 4.5 and 5.0 HFR03 removed from Citrix Website

By Edwin

Today I tried to download Hotfix Rollup 3.0 for CPS 4.5 and XenApp 5.0. After some searching I found out that HFR03 cannot be downloaded anymore. Nobodý knows what’s the reason for this. I called our Citrix vendor and they also didn’t know what was going on. Keep you posted on this. Tweet This Post »

Citrix XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack ?

By Edwin

On the Citrix Community blog Sridhar Mullapudi and Vinny Sosa posted an article about the new XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack.In crisis economic times everybody is doing more with less but Citrix decided to took the other way around.Earlier this week Citrix announced to release XenServer Enterprise for free and now they are going to change... »

XenApp server not shown up in WSUS console after sysprep

By Edwin

When you use syprep and XenAppPrep to create a server image for installation of multiple XenApp servers in a farm you wil see that the servers not show up in the WSUS 3.0 console. They show up but under the same name the server had at the moment the sysprep was created. A collegue of... »

The Lonely Planet for Application and Desktop delivery 2008-2009

By Edwin

http://feeds.brianmadden.com/~r/brianmadden/rss/~3/eKp7VPnjxIM/the-lonely-planet-for-application-and-desktop-delivery-2008-2009.aspx On the Brian Madden website a found a very intresting article written by Ruben Spruijt. In this article Ruben Spruijt discusses the most used application and desktop delivery solutions. Also he gives a clear picture of whats going in the application virtualisation market.    Tweet This Post »

CSG 3.1 and WI 5.0 logon problems

By Edwin

Last week I was implementing a new XenApp 5.0 environment. After the installation of XenApp 5.0 WI and the new CSG 3.1 I experienced some strange problems i’ve never seen before. Whe I logon to the CSG authentication with AD takes almost 2 to 3 minutes. So I thought lets try it from the internal... »

Remove Outlook Express from terminal server

By Edwin

I often get the question: “Can we remove Outlook Express from our terminal server?” and my answer to this question is as always yes you can. It’s quit easy to remove Outlook Express from a terminal server there are multiple option to do so. First read KB235557 this is a script from Microsoft that automates... »