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Advertising @ VMWorld by Citrix

By Edwin

  Some things don’t need words Like it…way cool                        Tweet This Post »

What an SMB wants – VMware Take Note – Microsoft Understands

By Edwin

  There is this misconception that an SMB wants everything for Free or nearly Free. This is simply not the case. SMBs are willing to pay for products, it is just they want a great return on their investment. It is not be about “bells and whistles”, but it is about getting more bang... »

Technical and commercial comparison of Citrix XenServer and VMware

By Edwin

  Just a few years ago, when you where looking for server virtualization solutions you had limited options. The server virtualization market has entered a new phase, where powerful and capable solutions such as Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V offer a compelling and feature-rich alternative to VMware. As this white paper shows, XenServer surpasses... »

Citrix announced XenDesktop support for VMWare vSphere

By Edwin

In te passed there was not much support for XenDesktop 3.0 on VMWare vSphere.Pool management was not working and there was a lack of support for vSphere. Citrix has released Citrix Pool Management V3.0.3061. This adds support for vSphere 4. http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX121997 Tweet This Post »