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Briforum Day 3; The finals

By Edwin

  Last week Thursday was the final day of Briforum 2009. On this day I followed another 4 sessions. After that we stayed until Friday in Chicago and went home. Satisfied with my head full of information and after a great Briforum 2009. To all the presenters I want to say: “ Guys it... »

Briforum day 2: System overload !!! :)

By Edwin

I told myself that the my intention was to blog out every session I would follow this week. But after 10  sessions some beers and 1 keynote I can only say I got a system crash in my head. So I try to keep it short. Day 2 on Briforum was a great day... »

Login Consultants and PQR releases Virtual Reality Check Whitepapers

By Edwin

Ruben Spruijt of PQR and Jeroen van de Kamp of Login Consultants have announce a joint venture called Project Virtual Reality Check. “Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) is a joint venture of Log•in Consultants and PQR, who have researched the optimal configuration for the different available hypervisors (hardware virtualization layers). The project arises from... »

Remove Outlook Express from terminal server

By Edwin

I often get the question: “Can we remove Outlook Express from our terminal server?” and my answer to this question is as always yes you can. It’s quit easy to remove Outlook Express from a terminal server there are multiple option to do so. First read KB235557 this is a script from Microsoft that automates... »