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Briforum Day 3; The finals

By Edwin

  Last week Thursday was the final day of Briforum 2009. On this day I followed another 4 sessions. After that we stayed until Friday in Chicago and went home. Satisfied with my head full of information and after a great Briforum 2009. To all the presenters I want to say: “ Guys it... »

XenApp server not shown up in WSUS console after sysprep

By Edwin

When you use syprep and XenAppPrep to create a server image for installation of multiple XenApp servers in a farm you wil see that the servers not show up in the WSUS 3.0 console. They show up but under the same name the server had at the moment the sysprep was created. A collegue of... »

Nice tool ADfind

By Edwin

Adfind is an extremely flexible and powerful tool for querying AD – if you do a lot of work with AD it’s worth playing around with it and reading through the different help screens (adfind -?, adfind -??, adfind -????, adfind -sc?, adfind meta?) to see all the different things you can do with... »