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RES Powerfuse SR7

By Edwin

RES released Powerfuse SR7 This service release contains support for Microsoft Windows 7 and support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. SR7 also contains over 50 additional enhancements and improvements. Service Release 7 can be obtained through the RES Software Portal. To view a list of enhancements and fixes, please click the link below.   Enhancements Microsoft... »

Briforum day 2: System overload !!! :)

By Edwin

I told myself that the my intention was to blog out every session I would follow this week. But after 10  sessions some beers and 1 keynote I can only say I got a system crash in my head. So I try to keep it short. Day 2 on Briforum was a great day... »

Mixed RES Powerfuse environment

By Edwin

In earlier editions of RES Powerfuse mixed environment where easy to manage. By changing the settings=\Pwrmenu entry in “c:\program files\res powerfuse\pwrmenu.ini”, it was possible to use different settings in a mixed environment with a local RES PowerFuse desktop combined with a RES PowerFuse desktop on a Terminal Server. But in Powerfuse 2008 the pwrmenu.ini doesn’t... »

The RESguru PowerBlog!

By Edwin

Found a wonderfull blog about RES Powerfuse and Wisdom. The RESguru Powerblog! On this blog you can find a lot of hints and tips regarding Powerfuse and Wisdom. Also you can download preconfigured building blocks. I want to adress my complements to the authors of this blog. Guys keep up the fantastic work! Tweet... »