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RES Powerfuse SR7

By Edwin

RES released Powerfuse SR7 This service release contains support for Microsoft Windows 7 and support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. SR7 also contains over 50 additional enhancements and improvements. Service Release 7 can be obtained through the RES Software Portal. To view a list of enhancements and fixes, please click the link below.   Enhancements Microsoft... »

Powerfuse not launching on XenApp 5.0

By Edwin

We installed a XenApp 5.0 test environment on Windows 2008 server 32 bit. We also installed RES Powerfuse and we publish the pwrstart.exe for users. Every time when we launch the pwrstart.exe from the program neighboorhood the ica session starts but it only opens a Windows Desktop and not a Powerfuse desktop.As we check the eventlogs... »