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Access Gateway Virtual Appliance now for download @ Citrix

By Edwin

 Using XenApp to provide remote access to your applications its likely you’ll be using the free software-based Secure Gateway feature. Lot’s of companies don’t want to spent lots of money to a Netscaler with CAGEE 9.x on it because it’s an enterprise solution and to expensive for the smaller companies.  Citrix suggest that this... »

Briforum 2009 Day 1 Session 3: High Availability Guarantees Enterprise Uptime – But do you really need a Netscaler?

By Edwin

By Torsten Rood I only can say yes you need a Netscaler. After my Netscaler training from last week I already new this is what you want in HA businesses. And Torsten told us exactly the same. Centralizing access by means of Terminal Services and VDI require an infrastructure that is reliable and fault... »

Briforum 2009 Day1 Session1: An introduction to Citrix Workflow Studio

By Edwin

By Jason Conger: The first session I attended today was a session by Jason Conger about Citrix Workflow Studio.After some starting problems…windows7 and beamers…the sessoin went on his way. Citrix workflow studio is an infrastructure process that allows sys admins to automate their environment via a GUI. It’s build on top off Windows Workflow... »

Netscaler issues!

By Edwin

      The last 2 months I already posted some Netscaler posts regarding some security issues within Netscaler after you upgrade from build 8.0 to 9.x. Together with our supplier we reported these issues to Citrix and to secure@citrix. Check the following posts http://digipulse.nl/2009/04/21/security-issue-discovered-in-netscaler-7000/ http://digipulse.nl/2009/06/05/watch-out-when-upgrading-netscaler-pre-81-to-9x/ Today I upgraded a Netscaler to NS9.0 : build 69.5  and checked if something was changed. But... »

Citrix Brief Troubleshoot Guide updated

By Edwin

David McGeough announced the new BTG today. The Brief Troubleshooting Guide is intended as the first resource for Citrix Administrators/Engineers to troubleshooting technical issues for all Citrix products/technologies. This release of the BTG is Bigger, Better and Bursting with new ways to help you troubleshoot all Citrix products. All sections of the BTG were... »

Citrix Edocs

By Edwin

Today I was searching the Citrix website for something as I stumbled on something new I had never seen before called Citrix Edocs. It is all Citrix product information in a nice and clear layout. Also diffucult searching is history because everything is nicely grouped in topics. If you want to experience the new Citrx Edocs site... »

Vyatta announced partnership with Citrix

By Edwin

For those of you that didn’t catch the news yesterday, Vyatta announced a partnership with Citrix. This partnership involves the follwing deals between Citrix and Vyatta; $10 million in funding – led by Citrix Systems more here >> Partnership with Citrix on Cloud Computing and Virtualization more here >> Why is this significant? Vyatta... »

Watch out when upgrading Netscaler pre 8.1 to 9.x!

By Edwin

Not everybody who is upgrading their Netscaler version pre 8.1 to 9.x will read the release notes. If you use application name based and port based interception on your Citrix Netscaler with version pre 8.1 watch out when you want to upgrade to 8.1 or 9.x. Both application name based and port based interception was lost... »

Citrix releases Netscaler as virtual appliance

By Edwin

Two days ago Citrix released the Netscaler VPX Netscaler VPX is a netscaler based on a Xen Virtual Appliance which will take scalability and sizing to the next level. Oh and it is free! Citrix has put a $10.000 award on an interesting and new way to make use of this Netscaler VPX. This way they want to... »

Security issue discovered in Netscaler 7000

By Edwin

Last week I discovered a real security leak in a Netscaler 7000. I created some access policies that restricted users to a specific port in a specific subnet. After creating a VPN connection with the Access Gateway VPN Client I was able to telnet to every machine in the subnet. I called it in to our supplier... »