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First DUCUG meeting!

By Edwin

Last year I made a start with setting up the Dutch Citrix User Group. Due to switching job, lak of time, a back injurie the startup of DUCUG delayed. Now I want to go on strong and want to organize the first DUCUG meeting in the Netherlands. I want to organize this meeting somewhere... »

New blogger in town

By Edwin

Last week my collegue Peter Stam decided to start blogging about daily issues he wil face in his line of work. You can follow Peter on his blog called http://www.hyper-p.com Tweet This Post »

Disk2VHD your laptop in hyper-v :)

By Edwin

Mark Russinovich did it again. He created a real cool tool called Disk2vhd. Disk2vhd is a utility that creates VHD (Virtual Hard Disk – Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk format) versions of physical disks for use in Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). The difference between Disk2vhd and other physical-to-virtual tools is... »

What an SMB wants – VMware Take Note – Microsoft Understands

By Edwin

  There is this misconception that an SMB wants everything for Free or nearly Free. This is simply not the case. SMBs are willing to pay for products, it is just they want a great return on their investment. It is not be about “bells and whistles”, but it is about getting more bang... »

Hyper-V now has 24% of Virtualization Market ?

By Edwin

  On Allen Burchill’s blog I found an article where he mentions that Microsoft already should have a 24% market share in the virtualization market. I would like to know where Allen gets his numbers from? 24% for a version 1 Hyper-V product seems to high for me and would be a real tread... »

Briforum 2009 Day 1 Session 3: High Availability Guarantees Enterprise Uptime – But do you really need a Netscaler?

By Edwin

By Torsten Rood I only can say yes you need a Netscaler. After my Netscaler training from last week I already new this is what you want in HA businesses. And Torsten told us exactly the same. Centralizing access by means of Terminal Services and VDI require an infrastructure that is reliable and fault... »

Briforum 2009 Day1 Session1: An introduction to Citrix Workflow Studio

By Edwin

By Jason Conger: The first session I attended today was a session by Jason Conger about Citrix Workflow Studio.After some starting problems…windows7 and beamers…the sessoin went on his way. Citrix workflow studio is an infrastructure process that allows sys admins to automate their environment via a GUI. It’s build on top off Windows Workflow... »

Citrix “Project Encore” Partnership Announcement with Microsoft

By Edwin

Citrix has a proven track record of partnering with Microsoft to add value on top of the Windows Server platform, primarily focused on application and desktop computing. Citrix and Microsoft are now unveiling “Project Encore”, the next big chapter in our relationship, extending our alliance into the world of server virtualization. Both companies believe... »

Citrix Essentials released !

By Edwin

Citrix Essentials product line consists of five broad categories of capabilities:   Automated lab management streamlines the process of building, testing, sharing and delivering throughout the application lifecycle, from development labs into the production environment. Advanced storage integration featuring Citrix StorageLink™ technology exposes the advanced data and storage management features in today’s storage systems... »