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Netscaler issues!

By Edwin

      The last 2 months I already posted some Netscaler posts regarding some security issues within Netscaler after you upgrade from build 8.0 to 9.x. Together with our supplier we reported these issues to Citrix and to secure@citrix. Check the following posts http://digipulse.nl/2009/04/21/security-issue-discovered-in-netscaler-7000/ http://digipulse.nl/2009/06/05/watch-out-when-upgrading-netscaler-pre-81-to-9x/ Today I upgraded a Netscaler to NS9.0 : build 69.5  and checked if something was changed. But... »

Troubleshooting CAG and AAC

By Edwin

Today I had a problem with a CAG and AAC that was not accepting any incomming ICA connections. The error I got was;  “SSL Error 29: proxy denied access to port 1494 STA… from Web Resource in an Advanced Access Control Farm” The problem is created by STA identifiers wich FQDN can not be resolved by the CAG. Error in the CAG... »