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Dutch Citrix User Group Launched

By Edwin

Almost 3 years ago I had a dream. Creating a CUG for the Dutch Citrix Community. Today we finally achieved that goal. With 7 other Citrix enthousiast we accompliced this goal. We met for the first time somewhere in October 2011 as 7 “strangers” but during that meeting there was a great synergy going on and everybody... »

First DUCUG meeting!

By Edwin

Last year I made a start with setting up the Dutch Citrix User Group. Due to switching job, lak of time, a back injurie the startup of DUCUG delayed. Now I want to go on strong and want to organize the first DUCUG meeting in the Netherlands. I want to organize this meeting somewhere... »

DUCUG official Citrix CUG

By Edwin

Since yesterday DUCUG the Dutch Citrix User Group is official recognized by Citrix. Yesterday the DUCUG website http://www.ducug.nl went on air. Rich Cusco from Citrix also added DUCUG to the Citrix Community CUG website http://community.citrix.com/display/cdn/Citrix+User+Groups. So to the Dutch community I want to say lets go and let us build a real cool CUG together.... »