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Access Gateway Virtual Appliance now for download @ Citrix

By Edwin

 Using XenApp to provide remote access to your applications its likely you’ll be using the free software-based Secure Gateway feature. Lot’s of companies don’t want to spent lots of money to a Netscaler with CAGEE 9.x on it because it’s an enterprise solution and to expensive for the smaller companies.  Citrix suggest that this... »

Watch out when upgrading Netscaler pre 8.1 to 9.x!

By Edwin

Not everybody who is upgrading their Netscaler version pre 8.1 to 9.x will read the release notes. If you use application name based and port based interception on your Citrix Netscaler with version pre 8.1 watch out when you want to upgrade to 8.1 or 9.x. Both application name based and port based interception was lost... »