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Briforum Day 3; The finals

By Edwin

  Last week Thursday was the final day of Briforum 2009. On this day I followed another 4 sessions. After that we stayed until Friday in Chicago and went home. Satisfied with my head full of information and after a great Briforum 2009. To all the presenters I want to say: “ Guys it... »

Briforum 2009 Day 1 Session 3: High Availability Guarantees Enterprise Uptime – But do you really need a Netscaler?

By Edwin

By Torsten Rood I only can say yes you need a Netscaler. After my Netscaler training from last week I already new this is what you want in HA businesses. And Torsten told us exactly the same. Centralizing access by means of Terminal Services and VDI require an infrastructure that is reliable and fault... »

Ictivity expand their specialism with new team: “Application Delivery”

By Edwin

The vision of this team is “Deliver applications, independent from hardware, software and network infrastructure”. The Application Delivery team keep themselves busy with Application Virtualisation products (such as Microsoft APP-V, VMware ThinApp, InstallFree and XenoCode) and moreover also the manner of presentation of applications (such as SBC, VDI, ZenWorks and RES PowerFuse). Objective is... »