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Netscaler issues!

By Edwin

      The last 2 months I already posted some Netscaler posts regarding some security issues within Netscaler after you upgrade from build 8.0 to 9.x. Together with our supplier we reported these issues to Citrix and to secure@citrix. Check the following posts http://digipulse.nl/2009/04/21/security-issue-discovered-in-netscaler-7000/ http://digipulse.nl/2009/06/05/watch-out-when-upgrading-netscaler-pre-81-to-9x/ Today I upgraded a Netscaler to NS9.0 : build 69.5  and checked if something was changed. But... »

Security issue discovered in Netscaler 7000

By Edwin

Last week I discovered a real security leak in a Netscaler 7000. I created some access policies that restricted users to a specific port in a specific subnet. After creating a VPN connection with the Access Gateway VPN Client I was able to telnet to every machine in the subnet. I called it in to our supplier... »

McAfee epa policy AAC Netscaler 7000

By Edwin

Today I created a custom policy for checking endpoint analisys on an Windows XP laptop. For authentication to sucseed the laptops need to have windows XP SP 3, McAfee Antvirus Mcshield service should be running, and the antivirus *.dat file cannot be older then 30 days. Get rid off the the () around the & wordpress... »

Citrix WI on AAC 4.5 box

By Edwin

Everybody knows that it isn’t a best practice to install a XenApp webinterface on Citrix Advanced Access Control 4.5 server. Today I had to do it because there was no other way to solve this problem. Normaly the problem is, when you try to install a WI on a AAC server, that de Access Management Consoles from the... »