My name is Edwin Houben and I am working for IonIT BV as a Senior Engineer. I started working for IonIT the 1th of October 2011. In the past 12 years I worked for Planhold, Bosch Communication Center, Foxconn ,Nunhems Netherlands BV and Ictivity and Eshgro Cloud Services. I’m married with Manon since 12 years now and we have two kids. My hobby’s are triathlon, cooking, reading and everything SBC related. At the moment I’m MCTS, CCEE, CCEA, CCIA and RES RCP certified.

In May 2009 I started DUCUG the Dutch Citrix User Group. This is  a group for the Dutch Citrix Community. http://www.ducug.nl and also on LinkedIn als Dutch Citrix User Group.

The reason for me to create this blog is to share information with all the people who want to know!.

The name Digipulse I have choosen because everything in this world is controled by pulses. Al the 1001010101010101101 are litlle electronic pulses and those pulses are creating magnificent output. A world without digital pulses would be impossible and nothing would work anymore. Keep that in mind!



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