Citrix Synergy Barcelona Wrap-up

Friday, October 28, 2011
By Edwin


This week I visited Citrix Synergy Barcelona together with my IonIT colleague Jon Jager (@jonjager). We had our flight on Tuesday just in time to check in add the CCIB convention center to get our passes. After a nice dinner we went to the Citrix Synergy Benelux Party in the Carpe Diem Lounge Club. This party was really great, Candy Dulfer played on stage and made the party really funky. It was very nice to meet al lot of people again after my 2 year absence in the Citrix community.

On Wednesday morning we headed for the keynote presented by Citrix CEO Mark Templeton. As expected it was al about the Cloud. Mark Templeton and his Citrix colleagues showed all the vistors some real cool demo’s and had some very cool announcements. I’ll try to wrap them up in a couple bullets.

  1. Citrix announced the acquisition of ShareFile. ShareFile will enable users to put their documents into the cloud in an easy and secure way. It will bring users everywhere access to their personal documents anywhere, anytime, any place, on any device. I really liked it and I can wait to pilot with it.
  2. Citrix announced the acquisition of App-DNA. I think in my opinion it will be an real added value that makes large enterprise migrations easier for us on the application level. App-DNA  simplifies the four key areas of application management. Application testing to discover compatibility issues, application remediation and modeling to determine application fixes, automation of application packaging for virtualization, application management for ongoing application evolution.

    These where in my opinion the biggest announcements.

    Mark Templeton talked about XenApp 6.5, the new Citrix Receiver, HDX, FlexCast, Cloud Bridge, Cloud Director,GotoMeeting, Post PC era and so on. The topic that was really hot during the keynote was BYO Bring Your Own. What Citrix means by this is that Citrix can enable access to your applications, documents, desktops on any device you like. Bring your phone, tablet, notebook, desktop it doesn’t matter anymore. Access to all the things you like to do, from any place, any device, any time, anywhere.

    The keynote was 2 hours long with lots and lots of information. I’ve you would like to see it go to

    After the keynote we attended some very interesting sessions and had some very good conversations with vendors in the exhibition area. After that we headed for the RES party and after that party there was the big Citrix Synergy party at the hottest Barcelona night clubs.

    On Thursday we attended sessions regarding Storage Design and XenApp 6.5 and we both passed our CCEE exams.

    The XenApp 6.5 session was cool. It was nice to see what new features Citrix added to XenApp. In total more then 150 new features are added to XenApp 6.5. What I liked the most where the prelaunch and linger options that will give users an instant application popup when they start the application. So no waiting anymore before the session is started because it’s already there. Also the new HDX improvements are really great and make it possible to stream flash movies up to high latency lines.  (300ms).

    There is lots more to tell and 1000’s of other things happened. Thank you Citrix it was a great week. See you all next year.

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