Happy New Year and all the best for 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010
By Edwin

Happy New Year to you all. And thanks to all the readers who supported an read this blog in 2009. Due to personal reasons I didn’t have much time lately to update the blog on a frequent base.

The year 2010 is gonna bring us a lots of new and interesting news in the SBC and Virtualization market. Market changes are coming up and VDI will be …… who knows… The cloud is expanding and outsourcing is booming.

So lots of intresting topics to blog about in 2010 I guess.

For myself there is also changing a lot. At the 4th of January I will start a new job as MS Senior at Eshgro ICT in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. Eshgro is an outsourcer that does a lot of SaaS, DaaS, TaaS projects in the Netherlands. So working at the workplace for the future! In this function SBC, Virtualization and VDI will still be one of my core businesses.

 Have a look at http://www.Eshgro.nl. Only aivalable in Dutch at the moment.

Also the startup of DUCUG (Dutch Citrix User Group) will go one with the first pizza session somewhere arround March 2010 somewhere in the Netherlands. Trying to give the community a boost. I can’t do this on my own so all the help we can get is welcome.Many thanks to Wilco van Bragt (http://sbc.vanbragt.net)  for the last couple of months supporting DUCUG. We will keep you informed.


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