Briforum day 2: System overload !!! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009
By Edwin

I told myself that the my intention was to blog out every session I would follow this week. But after 10  sessions some beers and 1 keynote I can only say I got a system crash in my head. So I try to keep it short.

Bekijk de afbeelding op ware grootte

Day 2 on Briforum was a great day with fantastic sessions and lots of input. I followed 5 sessions today and I have to say the quality of all sessions was really outstanding.

The sessions I followed today where;

Quick and dirty performance analysis by Ian Parker.

Ian is a first time presenter on Briforum  but I have to say he presented a fantastic session. One of the best I followed so far. Ian told us something about quick and dirty performance analysis and which tools to use for it. He highlighted and demoed perfWiz, Server Performance Advisor(SPA),Performance analysis of logs (PAL) and Xperf.

The nice thing about these tools is they are all Microsoft tools and GUI based so easy to use. You don’t have to in depth knowledge of troubleshooting performance to use these tools.

There was more to it but I leave it here.

Hyper-V and SCCM how good can it be presented by Mike Burke.

Mike showed us al the advantages an disadvantages of using SC VMM/OP Manager R2. I have to say the product looks really impressive already.He looked at the capabilities this platform can provide from virtualizing development to test and production workloads.I have to say SCVMM is a product with a very high potential to it. It’s not completely ready yet and some features have to be added or need be changed. Like for instance complete management of VMware ESX virtual machines. It was a good sessions with lots and lots of information and a nice demo. So Mike my complements for this session.

Then there was Brain Madden with his

Client Hypervisors: Does what out there now live up te hype?

Client Hypervisors do we really need them and what kind of competitors are there on the market today. Also Brian talked about the problems al vendors face to create client hypervisors. But there was one thing he was really clear about don’t think they do not come because they are already reality.There are already vendors that shipping client hypervisors today like Neocleus (also on Briforum) and Virtual Computer but also Citrix and Vmware are working on client hypervisors. Microsoft is telling they don’t have the intention to do something with it but we already know they will go with the flow. Further Brian highlighted Symantec who has a really complete suite to provide a end to end system.

One other thing I have to say. Shawn is talking fast but Brain can compete with Shawn :)

The fourth session I went today was a session by Shawn Bass and Benny Tritsch they talked about,

 Mastering user profiles in a TS an VDI environment.

They where talking about the concept user profiles and how to use or not to use them and what the pro’s and con’s are. Further they highlighted about 15 products that can help you with managing user profiles. Products like RTO,Citrix User Manager, RES Powerfuse, Flex Profile Kit etc etc.

Shawn showed an nice demo where he had a user profile that was 50 mb in 1 file and where he had a profile from 1Mb with a 1000 files. Which do you think will be slower. You often here that the size does matter. Nope not at all size does not matter. It’s the total amount of files that’s the problem in a user profile and that will determine if it is fast or slow.

But after talking really slow for most of the presentation Shawn had to do a final sprint to end the session and the words came out like a waterfall.

Another great session at Briforum 2009

The last sessions of today was done by Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp (Big Butt and concrete :) ) And they were talking about their,

Virtual Reality Check.

The only thing I can say about this is download the whitepapers have a look for yourself and the form your own conclusion out of it. They also presented a sneak preview from their new tests and the only thing I can say is that Brand X is going like hell on the new Intel Nelahem processors. It was a really cool presentation about benchmarking and how to benchmark and the problems they faced while carrying out more then 150 tests and thousands of testing hours. But the biggest and best conclusion of it all is.

“It makes sense to virtualize TS and XenApp environments.”

I was already saying this for a year now and now we have the numbers to support it. Al the tests where done with Logins VSI tool and can be downloaded and used by anyone. If you use it right you will see that the outcome will be almost the same as the whitepapers tell you.

Another brilliant session.

One thing I want to point out. On this years Briforum there are I guess about 200- 250 contenders.I guess 20 of them are Dutch. He man that’s almost 10%!!! I think that’s really cool for a nation with a very small SBC community. So it shows that SBC and VDI is alive and kicking in the Netherlands.

So Dutch guys please connect to the Dutch Citrix User Group

Have a nice day talk to you later.

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