Briforum 2009 Day1 Session1: An introduction to Citrix Workflow Studio

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
By Edwin

By Jason Conger:

The first session I attended today was a session by Jason Conger about Citrix Workflow Studio.After some starting problems…windows7 and beamers…the sessoin went on his way.

Citrix workflow studio is an infrastructure process that allows sys admins to automate their environment via a GUI. It’s build on top off Windows Workflow Foundation an Microsoft Powershell. This makes the Citrix workflow studio package very extensible.

It is not only working for XenApp and other Citrix products but it will also work for the entire infrastructure environment. If you cannot script you have to use workfow studio that does it for you. Scripting for dummy’s so to say.

But Workflow Studio is a workflow generator that uses SQL as a basis and that can be manipulated in different ways, using powershell and visual studio gives you the possibility to create your own assemblies.

On the following sites you can find some more information about Powershell and Workflow Studio

Ed Yorks’s Community Site;

Peter Shulz Community Site;

Brandon Shell’s blog

And least of course Jason Conger’s blog

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