Briforum 2009 Day 1 Session 3: High Availability Guarantees Enterprise Uptime – But do you really need a Netscaler?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
By Edwin

By Torsten Rood

I only can say yes you need a Netscaler. After my Netscaler training from last week I already new this is what you want in HA businesses. And Torsten told us exactly the same.

Centralizing access by means of Terminal Services and VDI require an infrastructure that is reliable and fault tolerance. In today’s Citrix Delivery Center infrastructures the are multiple points of failure. If you look to it from that perspective you want to have the possibility to monitor and load balance al of these single point of failures. Netscaler MPX and Netscaler VPX gives you the solution for doing monitoring, load balancing, caching, rewriting etc, etc.

Torsten showed us that you can present a user with a message in his web browser after services failure in the background. This means that the user will not call the helpdesk because he already knows that there is a problem.

It was also cool to see that Torsten wrote a nice Perl script for monitoring the XenServer poolmaster within Netscaler.

The real cool thing with the new VPX is that you can also use Netscaler within the LAN. Put a VPX in your LAN and you will have HA, LB, monitoring etc, etc in your LAN.

Torten tolled us in this session that he would advice the VPX for LAN use and for external and DMZ solutions he would recommend the MPX boxes. I can only agree with that.

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