DUCUG Dutch Citrix User Group

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
By Edwin

Today I registered http://www.ducug.nl. Call it the Dutch Citrix User Group. On this site I want to create a forum for the Dutch Citrix community. In this forum we will handle every topic whats related to Citrix products and solutions.

I can’t to do this alone so I need some really enthusiastic people to help me with this. So do you know something about the following topics and you want to share your information with others or want to be a moderator in one of the forums please leave a comment on this post and I will contact you.

The topics I want to cover on the DUCUG website are,

  1. XenApp
  2. XenServer
  3. XenDesktop
  4. Provisioning Server
  5. Workflow Studio
  6. RES Powerfuse
  7. MS Terminal Server
  8. Netscaler
  9. WanScaler
  10. Scripting (VBS, Powerrshell, cmd)
  11. EdgeSite

So to all the Citrix enthusiasts out there please respond and let us make the DUCUG successfully.



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