Citrix WI on AAC 4.5 box

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
By Edwin

Everybody knows that it isn’t a best practice to install a XenApp webinterface on Citrix Advanced Access Control 4.5 server. Today I had to do it because there was no other way to solve this problem.

Normaly the problem is, when you try to install a WI on a AAC server, that de Access Management Consoles from the different products conflict with eachother. There is an way to solve it. When you install the Citrix WI on an AAC server it will ask you to install a AMC for XenApp 4.5. When you choose only to intergrate the WI plugin it wil not conflict with the AMC of the Advanced Access Control server.

The other problem you get is that you have two websites listning to the same port 80. If you have a WI site you would like to use port 80 also for xml traffic. Or you could change the xml port on the servers. But in a live farm with 700 users thats no option.So create a new website and install the the WI into it. Change the AAC website(default website) to port 81 and change the Citrix webinterface website to port 80 problem solved. The only thing to do then is change the IP adress and the port in the CAG so that it points to port 81.

Restart the AAC server and the CAG and deploy the logonpoints again. Running like a charm:)

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