Citrix Load Evaluators

Sunday, March 9, 2008
By Edwin

Last week I did the Citrix Password Manager course. During a break I had a short discussion about load evaluators in CPS 4.0 and CPS 4.5. The trainer told me a very nice thing about load evaluators and also suggested how to use them.The idea he told me was proven in the field. These load evaluators will also ensure that your system doesn’t get slow because an overload of users or a maximum usage of resources.

When you create a custom load evaluator create one with with the following parameters.

Users > Max users on Citrix server + 25% so if you would allow a max of 25 users it will be 32

CPU load > Low treshhold = 90% High treshold = 91%

Memory load > Low treshold = 85% High treshold = 86%  

When a server then peaks at a 10000 load it will automaticly redirect new users to another server and it will also leave some resources free for admins to manage the server. 

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